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These books can most likely be obtained via Internet book shops such as

Medicine and Surgery of South American Llamas ISBN 0-8138-0393-4
Murray Fowler, D.V.M.

The Veterinary Clinics of North America
La Rue Johnson

The Alpaca Book
ISBN 0-964-6618-0-2
Murray Fowler and Eric Hoffman

Llama and Alpaca Neonatal care
ISBN 0-9646618-3-7
Brad Smith, Karen Timm and Patrick Long

Caring for Llamas and Alpacas
ISBN 0-9622768-2-0
Clare Hoffman and Ingrid Asmus

Llamas: An Introduction to Care, Training and Handling
ISBN 0-931866-49-9
Sandi Burt

A Guide to Raising Llamas
ISBN 0-88266-954-0
Gale Birutta

Llamas & Alpacas – A Guide to Management
By Gina Bromage
ISBN 186126884X
ISBN -13 978 1 86126 884 6
Available through Crowood Press:

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