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Winter Reminders

1. Although recently some of us have experienced snow, it is still very mild for the time of year.  Liver Fluke is still raising its ugly head. Watch your animals for abnormal behaviour such as progressive loss of body condition, anaemia, pale membranes and sometimes a swelling below the jaw. Liver Fluke is treatable so if you are at all concerned, call you vet. Fecal count for animals is always a good idea rather than dosing them up with wormer without knowing if they need it. 

2. It is still very wet under foot for both owners and animals. Make sure your animals have some dry area where they can go. If you can manage, do put a straw bed down, they dry off quicker and the straw keeps them warm. Due to the wet ground your animals may well have soft feet and therefore the feet are easier to damage. If you think your animal is lame, don't wait to see if it gets better. Call your vet. The reason is that foot problems, if allowed to get serious, can be very hard to treat. 

3. Older animals feel the cold more as they do not grow such a thick fleece. They also are not too keen on drinking icy water. Either add warm water to their bucket or maybe do what I do and feed them something like speedibeat which is mixed with warm water.  I have been using this for a number of years as it gives them energy and I make sure they all have fluids. It is very easy for a camelid to become dehydrated.

4. In icy weather, always check the trough/buckets and remove ice. In really bad weather this should be done at least twice a day.

(Many thanks to Liz Butler for kindly providing these helpful reminders)