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Whether you are an owner, breeder or just an enthusiast there are many reasons to join the BLS
Your subscription helps promote and expand knowledge and understanding. By joining the BLS you are helping us in our work to increase awareness and understanding of what is still a rare breed in the UK, with very little literature available and much more information to be learned.
Membership fees (Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year):

Single membership £35 p.a.
Family membership £40 p.a.
Student membership £25 p.a.
Professional membership for veterinarians £20 p.a.
Seller’s gift membership £17.50 p.a.

New members joining after 1st July and before 1st October:
Single Membership: £30. Double Membership: £35. Student Membership: £20.
New members joining after 1
st October should pay the annual rate but will receive 14 months' membership.

Students should provide a photocopy of their student card, birth certificate or passport with their application.

If you have a PayPal account (or are happy to open one) you can pay the subscription via Paypal as below and then email your application form to the BLS Secretary (address on the application form). When using PayPal, please note the annual subscription/membership fee is increased by £1 to cover the PayPal charge.

Single £36.00

Family £41.00

Student £26.00

Veterinarian £21.00

(NOTE: If you set up payment via Paypal you will need to review your settings if you do not want the payment to be made via Paypal automatically (as a direct debit) next year)

Just some of the reasons why you should join the BLS

    Llama Health Guidance
    Information sheets and guidelines on husbandry, welfare and health are issued to new members
    . The BLS publishes up-to-date information & guidance on best practice in relation to preventing disease e.g. scmallenberg virus, foot & mouth and TB. The information is available in printed format and online. Emails are sent regularly to all members with health & welfare bulletins.

      Member Information and Support
      The BLS has a variety of resources that are only a phone call, mouse click or drive away, all available to you. No matter where you are we can help you when you need it. Questions and concerns can be discussed on our
      members’ forum or on our closed Facebook group.
        Veterinary input
        The BLS liaises with the British Veterinary Camelid Society, the meetings of which are an important source of information for our members.
          Annual Members' Day
          The annual members’ day includes husbandry and training workshops, seminars and conferences, often with international speakers.
            Local to you
            The BLS runs a nationwide network of ten regional groups. These groups may organise social gatherings, talks, llama treks or other events. Meeting other members and swapping experiences is a valuable way to learn. Many lasting friendships are made with those sharing a mutual interest in these fascinating animals.

            Society shows and attendance at agricultural events give you a chance to show your animals. Insurance for your animals at key events is covered by the BLS.

            Four colour magazines a year containing helpful articles, updates, photos and member communications are delivered to your door, both within the UK and abroad.
              The BLS helps with rehoming and has a board director who is dedicated to this task. We also run a welfare fund that is used to benefit llamas that are in trouble.
              The BLS represents the interests of llamas and their owners at a national and international level, promoting llamas in all their varied uses to the public. A director liaises directly with DEFRA/Animal Health and the NFU on all camelid issues.
              We hold a comprehensive registry of llamas owned by our members for identification, pedigree and health purposes.

              Download Your application form here:


              RULES OF THE SOCIETY

     to request a sample back copy of our magazine that will be sent to you as a pdf. We hope you will be so impressed your will not hesitate to apply for membership!