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Health & Welfare Bulletin No.49 - Various - Winter reminders

Dear BLS Member

1. Although I am no longer your Health & Welfare Officer, I don’t wish to sever all ties so
I thought I would remind those of you who need reminding, of things to take note of at
this time of year.

2. Due to the mild wet weather we have all been experiencing, please keep an eye out
for liver fluke. Keep a good eye on your animals and look out for abnormal behavior
such as progressive loss of body condition, anemia, pale membranes and, in severe
cases, swelling below the jaw. Liver Fluke is easily treated so keep your eyes open
for signs. If you are worried, please talk to your vet. A simple fecal worm count for
Liver Fluke can be done by your vet if you are at all concerned.

3. Please ensure you register all your cria. A cria should be micro chipped at six months
old but that does not prevent you from registering the cria earlier. The Registrar can
provide you with a microchip for cost price, £4.15 each, when you send in your
registration form. You can then have the number on your registration certificate and
microchip your cria at a later date. It is very helpful to know how many animals there
are in the UK for health reasons. If a disease strikes, BLS can contact all its members
with advice and help. Please do not put off registering your animals.

4. The festive season is looming and I am sure some of you take your camelids to
Christmas gatherings. Please be bio-security conscious and remember to have the
correct insurance. I have always found a small container of hand disinfectant fixed to
my belt very useful when taking my llamas out to visit schools, homes or anywhere
else where I may meet the public.

5. In the rain and wind, please check your animals regularly, preferably two or three

times a day as camelids can suffer from hypothermia. The wind lifts up their coats
and the rain gets in. If your animal feels cold, try bringing it in under cover out of the
weather and you can offer it warm water to drink – NOT HOT!

6. Keep a keen eye on your animals’ feet. With the wet weather we have already had
this winter, with more forecasted to come, camelids can suffer with foot problems. If
you think there may be a problem, don’t wait to see if it clears up on its own. Get
professional advice from your vet as foot problems in camelids can take a long time to
get over if left for any length of time.

7. Don’t forget that if we end up having a long cold (freezing) spell, to check your
camelids are drinking. Some animals, especially the older ones, are not keen on
drinking freezing water. Just add a little warm water to their buckets. Always break
any ice in troughs so water is available at all times.

8. Autumn is a good time to give your camelids their annual vaccination. This will help
them get through what ever lies ahead as far as a bad winter is concerned.

9. Don’t forget, never use left over hard feed from last winter. The food can produce
toxins if kept for any length of time which can harm your animals.

10. Please think about ways you can raise money for the BLS Welfare Fund. All monies
raised is ring fenced especially for welfare of our beautiful animals.

11. Last but not least, may I take this opportunity to wish every one of you a VERY

Nutfield Park Farm, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey RH1 5PA

19 November 2014

Health & Welfare Bulletin No.48 - Winter Update

Dear BLS Members and readers,

              LIZ BUTLER
              Vice Chairman BLS & Health & Welfare Representative
              Nutfield Park Farm, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey RH1 5PA Tel: 01737-823375

              Health & Welfare Bulletin No.47 - Various

              Dear BLS Member 

              I hope you have all had a splendid summer and your animals have had a good feed on the grass. Please do remember that although their coats are thermal, they do feel the heat so shelters or sheltered areas are important

              Winter is on its way and by now, you should have all your hay in. It wasn’t a bad crop this year so prices should stay stable. Do remember if you have any ‘left over’ hard feed from last winter, do not feed it to your camelids. It can produce toxins when kept for any length of time, especially in the hot weather we experienced this year, which can harm your animals. You may not be able to see the toxins but they will be there.

              Hopefully, by now, you will have received an email regarding a consultation paper on bTB. Please do take time to read this and respond either direct to Defra (copying Tim Crowfoot and myself in) or send your comments to us as we will be making a formal response. The closing date is Thursday 26 September. Meetings are being held throughout the country which are very useful to get a background of Government thinking

              As I am sure you are aware, this year we are experiencing the bumper crop of acorns, conkers and sweet chestnuts. The branches of the oak trees are being weighed down by acorns. These are poisonous to camelids if eaten in excess. The odd one or two will do them no harm but if they get the taste for acorns, camelids can die !. Try to remove as many as possible from you fields. Normally camelids will leave them alone if they have enough grass and hay but don’t rely on this.

              Autumn is a good time give annual vaccination to your animals together with worming or at least a worm count done by your vet. This helps our animals cope with the winter ahead. A healthy camelid is a well camelid.

              Don’t forget to register all you new born cria. I still have a supply of microchips at cost price, £4.15 each. If you require some, send me a self addressed stamped jiffy bag together with a cheque made out to BLS and I will send them by return.

              LIZ BUTLER
              Vice Chairman BLS & Health & Welfare Representative
              Nutfield Park Farm, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey
              Tel: 01737-823375

              Health & Welfare Bulletin No.46

              • DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNS :

              Schmallenberg Virus has not gone away. If you have any abnormal births, early abortions or difficulties in giving birth, call your vet. Please look at the BLS web site at H&W Bulletin dated 22 September 2012 and remind yourselves of the symptoms and what to look out for. Some of you may have heard that a vaccine for Schmallenberg has been produced and that it will be available early summer 2013. This will be administered on a cascade system where cattle and sheep will be the first to benefit. To date, BLS has not had any reports of the Virus affecting any camelids and no testing has been done on the vaccine for camelids. When it becomes available, it will be down to your individual vets to give you advice on whether or not to use it. At present it can only be administered by a vet. Remember, it will not be licensed for camelids.

              2. Parasites - There is a serious parasite warning in place for the whole of the livestock industry. Due to the cold weather, parasites are late in hatching and therefore will be hatching now just as you put your animals onto their summers grazing. Liverfluke, Haemonchus (Barber Pole Worm), Lungworm and Coccidiosis are all mentioned as potential threats. Please keep an eye on your animals and if you suspect any problems, contact your vet. He/She will know what parasites are prevalent in your area and advise accordingly. You could also consider having a full faecal count done by your vet but you must ask the vet to check for all parasites.

              3. Lice and Ticks : I have had reported that about 90% of llamas shorn this year have either lice or ticks. Please keep an eye on your animals. The lice seem to be the biting lice which are difficult to detect if your llama has not been shorn for some years. With a thick coat on, you really need to delve down deep! It is a good idea to have your llamas shorn from time to time to allow the skin to see daylight and have a good washing in the rain!

              LIZ BUTLER
              Vice Chairman BLS & Health & Welfare Representative
              Nutfield Park Farm, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey
              Tel: 01737-823375