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Registration of Llamas, Guanacos, Vicunas and Camels.

The British Llama Society, in common with most breed societies, operates a registration system so that members can record on a central database key information relating to their llamas, guanacos, vicunas and camels.
The society is keen to perpetrate pure and good breeding and to facilitate a check to avoid inter-breeding. The database is key to this aim and is also a central identification register. A registration certificate is therefore a valuable means of proving an animal’s pedigree and of course is evidence of the animal's identity.
Furthermore, there is an increasing need to be able to demonstrate to DEFRA that the society has an accurate record of llamas. Micro-chipping as a form of identification is the preferred method. Micro-chips are available from the society at a discount price.
Members are encouraged to register their llamas, guanacos, vicunas and camels. The database will track animals as they are transferred from breeder to new owners, to non-members and back again provided the relevant information is given to the registrar. Every animal on the register has a unique five-digit herdbook number.
A non-member can also apply to register their llama and request a registration certificate. This is welcomed by the society, although the registration fee for a non-member is 50% more than the fee payable by a member.
We can even note in the database animals that regularly appear as ancestors but that are not registered. Thus the animal will appear in the “family tree” as an ancestor to animals being registered subsequently.
For further information regarding registration please contact the registrar at