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Welcome to the website of the British Llama Society (BLS)

Llamas are members of the South American camelid family and are mostly found in the high altiplano regions of the Andes in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. They are the domesticated cousin of wild guanacos are used extensively by the Andean people and were used in the past by the Incas as beasts of burden, for food, for fibre and for leather (from their hides). The British Llama Society has been set up to promote all aspects of llama and guanaco ownership: good husbandry, breeding, trekking, driving, showing and much more. It publishes a quarterly magazine called "Llama Llink".

The BLS operates a registration system for llamas, guanacos, vicunas and camels, which is an important facility in these days of increasing regulation. It is affiliated to British Camelids Ltd., a charity that promotes the responsible ownership of camelids in the UK.

The society brings together a lively community of people who have been captivated by these fascinating animals.
We operate a forum for all things llama-related and within the forum is a members-only area for members of the BLS.