BBC’s “Countryfile” profiles Golden Valley Llamas

There is always a mixture of excitement and fear when a television crew descends. It is a really good excuse to tidy up the yard, sort the barn and hyper train up the llamas.
 “Countryfile” decided they wanted us to be part of their Borderlands programme, it has huge viewing figures and we wanted to do right by our species! We know we will be a bit of a joke item, llamas always are and whilst we hoped for Adam, the serious farming presenter, we got Julia and Matt who were great. They seemed to get on really well with the boys and girls, asked great questions and really got involved.
Countryfile 080313 041

We covered cria training, haltering and grooming, fibre and weaving and agility.

Countryfile 080313 022

We were so proud of how the llamas rose to the challenge, they behaved beautifully.

Countryfile 080313 015

Amanda Huntley
Golden Valley Llamas
Old King Street Farm
Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire
01981 240208

You can currently watch the item on the BBC Iplayer by copying this link into your browser bar : (Amanda and Robert are about a quarter of the way in !)

With thanks to Axel Bührmann, orazal, lucianvenutian, Veronique Debord, quinn.anya for creative commons use of pictures