A recent television programme about a Zoo park in Wales told the story of an elderly llama who subsequently died. The zoo keeper commentated that the llama’s cria which was approximately 12 months old looked on anxiously as his mother was in difficulties. It was said that the deceased llama was 28 years old !
The British Llama Society maintains a register of Llamas in the UK together with vicunas, guanacos and camels. A part of this registration process is that we register the death of an animal and the cause of death. It seems the
average age of a llama at death is around 18 but llamas aged up to 25 at death have been notified.
Now age 28 could indeed be the longest lived llama in the UK, but as it is apparent that less than half of the llamas in the UK are actually registered we cannot be sure whether this is a record.
Do you have a llama in it’s twenties ? Let us know by emailing the Registrar at and help us find the oldest llama in the UK.
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PUNTO - aged 17

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