Nottinghamshire Llama Trek

This was the sixth annual Nottinghamshire Llama Trek which was held on Sunday 29th September 2013, from our house in Kirkby in Ashfield. As always, John & Vivienne Ives and Katy Williams brought their animals, so with my two we had a total of 7 llamas.  Thankfully we had plenty of supporters from our local neighbourhood, who came to experience what we barmy llama people do!  We had around 21 leaders/walkers sharing the 7 llamas, so anyone who wanted to lead could at least have a turn.
Back home

We set off just after 14.30 as planned, in glorious autumn sunshine and trekked along the usual route for the majority of the walk.  I was able to vary it slightly, although we didn’t tackle the steep disused railway embankment this year, so it was challenging but not quite as daunting as last year.

We arrived back at the house a little late at 16.50 to partake of the Tea, Sandwiches and Cake prepared in our absence by my partner Neil.  Around another 15 people turned up to experience touching and admiring the llamas, and to join us for tea where we collected donations for Macmillan Cancer Support.  The figure raised was £322.00, which is much appreciated and makes the organisation of the day so rewarding.
Tea on the terrace
As we did this year, we will hopefully be having two treks in the East Midlands area in 2014.  We are very happy to welcome members from other areas with or without llamas, and we can sometimes provide a llama for them to lead depending on numbers.  Please come and support us especially if you want to see how we do things, before you venture forth with your own animals.

If any of our members feel that they would like me to organise a different function, then I would be delighted to hear their thoughts.  I do find it little soul destroying that only two members/families are willing to get involved in the events we have each year.

A couple of weeks after the Trek, Katy Williams, John & Vivienne Ives and myself got together to discuss the lack of interest in our activities.  We plan to have at least two treks next year, and really would welcome constructive criticism from members to indicate whether these activities meet their expectations, or would they like us to come up with alternative functions?  (All suggestions welcome!)

Brian Haughton
East Midlands Co-ordinator 

A leisurely pace

A rest at the furthest point

Coming home

With thanks to Axel Bührmann, orazal, lucianvenutian, Veronique Debord, quinn.anya for creative commons use of pictures