Sunshine and picnics are just not enough - you need to have llamas with you too to make the day complete. Members of the British Llama Society joined a trek organised by East Midlands area co-ordinator Brian Haughton on Saturday 29th July. The sun shone brightly whilst we trekked with our llamas for approximately 4 miles. A lovely day was had by all - including the llamas it would seem, as they constantly looked around and beyond them with wonder and intrique, constantly on the alert and interested in all the new sites, people and animals they encountered on the trek. As you can see, trekking can be exhausting.




Our East Midlands Co-ordinator Brian (the one in the middle !)

With thanks to Axel Bührmann, orazal, lucianvenutian, Veronique Debord, quinn.anya for creative commons use of pictures